The Most Important Habit We All Need: Self Discipline

The Most Important Habit We All Need: Self Discipline

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My will shall shape my future. Whether I fail or succeed shall be no man’s doing but my own. I am the force. I can clear any obstacle before me or I can be lost in the maze. My choice, my responsibility, win or lose only I hold the key to my destiny.

Elaine Maxwell


Do you know that self discipline is one of the biggest contributors to success which benefits both our professional and personal life and also contributes to inner peace? Many of us have the perception that living a disciplined life is limiting ourself and having less freedom. But is that so really? What is self discipline about and what does it actually mean to discipline ourselves?

Self discipline is a very important and useful trait that we all should develop. This is because it is an essential habit that can benefit every area of our life. Many of us do not realize its importance in our life but should do so. Self discipline like everything else in our life is a practice. Everyday will not be perfect but each day will have its own success and failures. This is progress and that is what self discipline is all about. More specifically, it is about our ability to control all our desires and temptations so that we stay focused on what needs to be done to achieve all our goals successfully.

Self discipline is the ability in ourself to do what we are needed to do despite us not wanting to do it. It is all about controlling ourself and our reactions which highlights our inner strength and power. Self discipline also means to prevent ourself from giving up despite failures and be able to resist all distractions and temptations that come in the way of achieving our goals. Hence, it is crucial for our success and happiness.


We all have some extent of self discipline in us but it is something that is required at all times. When we feel good from within, we feel motivated and at that time self discipline comes naturally and subconsciously to us. However, when we are having a bad time, we struggle to maintain self discipline. But it is important that self discipline comes naturally to us at all times so that despite things not turning out to be as we want, we remain relaxed and calm. This allows us to have better mental clarity and inner peace. Because it is all about long term gains without falling prey to instant gratification.

Self discipline is all about getting a hold on our willpower. Willpower is a skill that needs to be trained regularly to strengthen it. Because if it is not trained, it tends to get weak over time. So, when we control our willpower, we will see that we will be able to achieve any goal we set in our life. And, when we are self disciplined the only thing we end up sacrificing are things that are not as important as the tasks and work we need to do.


Following the path of self discipline can bring many benefits into our life such as:

1. Developing a habit

With self discipline we are able to create and develop habits in our life. Because then we work on them and stay consistent. This helps to attract success in our life as when we always stay consistent, we can achieve anything we want to in life.

2. Better focus

Distractions are very common for all of us but self discipline leads to better focus as it allows us to do the work we want to get done. This leads us to complete everything on time which leads to a more structured life and improvements in our perspective.

3. Become best versions of ourselves

Self discipline allows us to improve ourselves because when we do things daily consistently, we become better at it. This allows us to then become better versions of ourselves which boosts our self esteem and self confidence. This is very important for our overall growth and inner peace.

4. We are at our own command

When we build self discipline in our life at all times, our aims are always set and we are driven by our goals and not our moods. We are able to beat procrastination and avoid making it a part of our life. We are at our command which allows us to adopt good habits and reduce all unwanted addictions in our life.

5. We become more self reliant

When we build self discipline, we also build self control that allows us to control ourselves and become more self reliant. Because then we know our true potential along with our strengths and weaknesses.


1. Finding inspiration and motivation

A source of inspiration or motivation may be anything but it should be something that can keep us motivated at all times so that we fully invest ourself and carry on doing what we need to do despite all obstacles and problems. For that we need to always ask ourselves as to why we need to achieve any particular goal or why we need to do that something.

2. Set goals and hold yourself accountable for them

To develop self discipline, you need to set the goals you want to aim for. It could be anything from increasing your productivity to waking up early to exercising. When you have a goal, it will push you to work towards it and cherish its progress. It will also encourage you to follow self discipline everyday. You can easily keep track of your progress using to do lists or to do apps which will further motivate you by creating a feeling of accomplishment in you.

3. Remove distractions as much as possible

Self discipline is all about developing a productive mindset despite all distractions but removing distractions in the first place can further enhance your productivity. These distractions include websites that distract you when your work or your smartphone etc. So when you have nothing to take away your attention than the task that needs to be done then it becomes much easier to stay disciplined.

4. Stick to your new habits

Self discipline is a habit that needs to be cultivated and for that you need to put in efforts to accomplish your goals even you do not feel like doing so. But at times we may slip up and end up procrastinating. But no worries as that happens with everyone sometimes. However, do not let these occasional slip ups stop you from achieving your goals. It’s better to learn from it and always remain mindful so that you can improve and bring more discipline in your life.

Success comes to those who always remain disciplined despite all temptations. Learning to prevent yourself from regretting later is a good way to stay on track. Remember that life will not always be perfect but we should always aim to do our best in us. When we do so, our perspective will change and we will see life from a different angle that will make us stronger and better.

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