10 Best Tips to Adopt in Life for Positivity and Self-Confidence

10 Best Tips to Adopt in Life for Positivity and Self-Confidence

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Positivity and self-confidence both go hand in hand and are correlated with one another. If you want to become self-confident and successful in life, it is important that you adopt positive thinking and eliminate all negative thoughts. Similarly, when we become self-confident, we start feeling positive about everything around us.  For both positivity and self-confidence to blossom in our life, our mind requires some nurturing. Our mind and mental thoughts largely determine our personality and things that happen in our lives.  Hence, it is very important that it stays calm. I would like to share with you all an inspirational quote by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (spiritual leader) which says: 

If you win over your mind, you can win over the whole world.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

This highlights the fact that when our mind focuses on constructive and positive information, conversations and thoughts, we develop a more positive attitude. This leads to a better personality with greater self-confidence, self-esteem, and enthusiasm. But when our mind mainly focuses on negative thoughts, we do not get the energy and enthusiasm to do something. This results in low self-confidence which not only impacts our personality but also our health.

Just as we adopt physical fitness in our life to keep our bodies healthy and fit, we need to take care of our mental fitness as well. This will ensure a higher level of positivity and self-confidence in our lives. In this blog post, I have discussed a few tips that we can adopt in our lives for becoming a more positive and self-confident person.

How to become positive and self-confident?

1. Believe in yourself

This is the first and most critical step that we should adopt in our journey of being positive and self-confident. We all have both good and bad qualities and accepting them is the key to healthy self-esteem and self-confidence. It is also to understand that we cannot always be perfect. To be able to believe in ourselves, we need to feel satisfied with what we are regardless of our flaws and past mistakes. 

Talking about believing in ourselves is easy, but actually adopting it into our life is difficult. Generally, when we are happy and things are going well in our life on all fronts, we feel good, positive and self-confident. However, when we are stressed or when we face serious and difficult situations relating to our jobs, family or health, self-doubt takes a driving seat than self-confidence. Our belief in ourselves is shaken and our self-love diminishes. Therefore, we need to understand that at all times we need to have faith and belief in ourselves even when things go wrong or we make mistakes. 

It is very important to move on from our mistakes and forgive ourselves. This is difficult, but to do so we need to first accept that we have made a mistake and learn from them. We need to believe that the mistakes done were a stepping stone on the path of our life. We also need to remind ourselves that to err is human and mistakes do happen as part of being human. However, we must learn from our mistakes and try not to repeat them again in the future. Also, we need to stop comparing ourselves with others and start surrounding ourselves with people who accept the way we are and are always there for us. This can help us a lot in our journey of self-acceptance. Further, identifying and focusing on our strengths, positive traits and accomplishments can be helpful to always believe in ourselves.  

The path of believing in yourself is never going to be easy. Hence, when things get too hard, we can always seek help from our family and friends who can guide us. But once we are able to practice believing in ourselves in all situations, we will always be happy. This will make us positive and self-confident.

2. Do what you enjoy doing

Live your life to the fullest by always doing things that you like or enjoy doing. This is the simplest way to experience more positivity and self-confidence in your life. It could be anything from indulging yourself in a hobby, exploring new things in life or taking daybreak to pamper and relax. In today’s times, we all are so busy and caught up in our work, relationships, making money, technology, etc. This makes us forget or cut back on those things that we enjoy doing. Doing something we enjoy doing will attract more positivity in our life. It will also help us to develop a positive attitude and eliminate all negativity from life. Taking out time from our busy schedule for things we enjoy doing is very essential. This results in happiness and better wellbeing which will make us more self-confident

3. Don’t think about what other people will say

To make yourself positive and self-confident, you need to stop worrying about what others might think of you. You also need to stop thinking that they might be judging whatever you do. 

In today’s era and society, we all want to be appreciated for our personality, good looks, nature or for some other talents that we may possess. That is a good thing till the time we don’t start to completely rely on what others might think of us and make their opinion important criteria for our success and wellbeing. This is because when we start to live our lives according to the expectations of others and are always seeking approval from them, we give them the power to control our lives. This lowers down our self-confidence and reduces positivity from our lives.

For our own self-confidence and positivity, we need to start feeling good about whatever decisions we take in our life. This should be regardless of what others have to say. We all are our own selves and have the freedom to take decisions that are driven by our goals rather than taking decisions in order to impress someone. It is very important that rather than wasting time in caring for what others might think, we direct that time and effort towards things we like doing and what makes us happy. 

Letting go of what others may think of us and our decisions require a lot of effort. It is something that needs to be practiced. But once you truly stop caring and start making your own choices along with taking full responsibility for them, you will become more positive and self-confident.

Positivity and self-confidence by fresh flowers

4. Try something new

When we try something new in our life, it increases our self-confidence and brings positivity. This is because trying something new whether big or small challenges us to move outside of our comfort zone. This helps us to get to know ourselves better and overcome our fears. It may be that whatever new we tried was not done spectacularly or in a perfect manner. However, just the thought in our mind that we tried something new can help us start appreciating ourselves more.

There are endless possibilities of what things we can try doing that may be new for us. This could include trying some new food, learning to play a new sport or musical instrument, participating in a cultural, social or technical event, joining a club, etc. Doing this will help us in facing new challenges. It will also help us in finding our strength and confidence that we never knew we had. This will make us more positive and self-confident

5. Celebrate small things in your life

All of us, in general, are good at celebrating all the big moments of our lives such as birthdays, graduations, wedding anniversaries, success parties, etc. However, we all tend to forget to celebrate the little things that life has to offer us which are pleasurable and makes us happy. This can include anything from a stranger smiling at us when we are walking on the street to a friend giving us a lunch or dinner treat.

When we start celebrating these small things, it signifies that we appreciate the little things in our life and it is kind of gratitude. Also, we should always let others know that we appreciate them for whatever they do or have done for us. This will help you to connect with them more and strengthen your bonds. Adopting the practice of celebrating and appreciating small things in life will make us more optimistic and positive. It will also prevent us from emphasizing the importance of negative events in our life, resulting in increased self-confidence.

6. Focus on the present

Staying in the present moment and focusing on the present is a very important point for staying positive in life. It is important that we neither think of our past nor should we dream for the future. However, this is not always easy. When we are not focused, our brain generally starts having thoughts from the past thinking about what we had and what could have been better or it spends time worrying for the future. This type of thinking not only brings negative thoughts but also makes our life miserable. When we live in the present, it provides better clarity in our lives and makes us relaxed and calm. Also, when we are not reflecting on our past experiences or possible future, we feel less fearful and more positive. All this further increases the quality of our life in a good way.

Like I said earlier, always focusing on our present is not an easy task. To achieve it, it is very important to control our minds and our thoughts relating to the past and future through self-reliance or meditation. Further, we should always be grateful for what we have in the present rather than thinking that something better is yet to come or what we had in the past was better. This will make us more joyful and happy and result in more positivity and self-confidence.

There is one quote I would like to share with you all in regards to this point which is very inspiring and that says:

Most humans are never fully present in the now, because unconsciously they believe that the next moment must be more important than this one. But then you miss your whole life, which is never not now. And that’s a revelation for some people: to realise that your life is only ever now.” 

Eckhart Tolle

7. Focus on the solutions rather than the problems

Whenever we face an adverse situation in our life, we generally tend to focus on the problems and the negatives in our life. But does that really help us solve the problems or come out of the adverse situations? Not really. To overcome the tough times for more positivity and self-confidence, it is important that we relax and be calm for clear thinking. This will help us to find solutions and ways to resolve our problems. 

It is rightly said that every problem actually comes with a solution and its just the matter of our thinking as to how we see it. When we think negatively, our problems always tend to get bigger and bigger. But, when our thinking is positive it will always lead us in the right direction. Hence, focusing on the solutions rather than the problems will help us get through the tough phase more positively. Also, it will give us more success in what we do in life. In the end, we need to always remember that problems and failures are never permanent in our life. So, we should always remain happy and stay calm.

8. Improving social skills and developing healthy relations

Improving our social skills and building good and healthy relationships with friends, family and others help us reduce stress and anxiety which makes us feel healthier and happier. During tough times, they provide emotional support and allow you to unload your stress and beat negative thoughts by interacting and sharing your thoughts with them. This is vital for our mental health and emotional wellbeing and can help to build our self-confidence. Every relationship that we have in our life can teach us something or the other and through building good and healthy relations, we can feel more connected, supported and happy. 

9. Exercise

We all are aware of the many physical benefits of regular exercising. However, in addition to the physical benefits, exercising also provides many mental health benefits. This includes a reduction in stress, anxiety, and depression from our lives. Further, when we stay fit, we feel confident about our appearance and our ability to get things done easily. This helps to increase our self-confidence and develop a full belief in ourselves. Regular exercising also helps to overcome negative thoughts. There is a scientific reason behind it that is when we exercise, our body releases endorphins which helps in providing us with a positive attitude. Therefore, we should commit to exercising on a regular basis for better health and for increased positivity and self-confidence.

Exercising can be done at any time of the day according to what suits you best. It can be morning, afternoon or even before sleeping. If you cannot find the time for exercise, you can simply start by being more active daily in order to develop a habit in the beginning. This could include preferably taking the stairs over the elevator or standing and moving your body after every half an hour when sitting at your desk. The main aim is to keep your body in motion. 

10. Yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation are life-changing practices that benefit both our body and the mind. Regular yoga and meditation increase the vital energy force (prana) of our body. They help to guide us towards self-awareness which helps us to connect more with our thoughts. Many of us have suffered from low self-esteem due to our minds feeling agitated or when we are not able to tackle our negative thoughts. But practicing yoga and meditation helps to uplift our mood and make the mind develop a positive attitude. They help to clear the negative thoughts and bring a sense of balance which also results in increased self-confidence.

Positivity and self-confidence brought by beautiful places

In a nutshell, positivity and self-confidence are something that we need to develop up ourselves within us so as to thrive in this challenging world. Nobody is actually born with them and it depends on us that we take charge of them no matter whatever challenges we face in our life. When we adopt positivity and self-confidence, we become more happy, confident and successful in all aspects of our lives. Without them we don’t see any purpose of our life and don’t find any interest in things that we do, making us depressed. Therefore, I have shared my thoughts on what ideas and methods we can follow for increased positivity and self-confidence. You can try adopting them in your life and see what actually works for you. It can be either one of them, a few of them or all of them. So, do try.


Good changes in our life happen when we begin to realize that our life is in our own hands. It’s our responsibility to actually do something about it. Adopting a positive attitude and being self-confident is very important for a successful life and our happiness and contentment. We face many adverse and stressful situations in our life but we need to be able to deal with them. Also, we need to appreciate the things that life gives us. Therefore, this blog post shares a few tips that we can adopt in our love for increased positivity and self-confidence for a better quality of life. 

Good changes in our life happen when we begin to realize that our life is in our own hands. It’s our responsibility to actually do something about it. Adopting a positive attitude and being self-confident is very important for a successful life and our happiness and contentment. We face many adverse and stressful situations in our life but we need to be able to deal with them. Also, we need to appreciate the things that life gives us. Therefore, this blog post shares a few tips that we can adopt in our love for increased positivity and self-confidence for a better quality of life.

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