How to drink water the right way? Mistakes to avoid when drinking water.

How to drink water the right way? Mistakes to avoid when drinking water.

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Drinking water is very important for our body and good health. It is surely one of the easiest thing we can do daily. But do you know that there is a right time and right way to drink water which if not followed can lead to health issues in the long run?

Our body is made up of 50-70% water and a regular intake of water is crucial for the proper and smooth functioning of our body organs and tissues. It is also important for the normal functioning of our body. Considering how water is essential for us, it is important that we drink at least 2-3 L of water daily. If not, it can lead to several problems. So firstly, never forget to focus on your daily water intak. Secondly, know the correct timings and the right way to drink water to prevent diseases and different health disorders.

Tips to drink water the right way

1. Always sit down to drink water rather than standing

Whenever we drink water, we should sit down and drink it. When we stand and drink water, the balance of fluids in our body gets disrupted. This leads to a large accumulation of fluids in our joints that can lead to arthritis. It will not quench our thirst too and cause negative effects to our kidneys. On the other hand, when we sit down and drink water our muscles and nervous system are more relaxed that helps to digest fluids easily and lead to efficient distribution of water. Also, our kidneys are then able to filter the nutrients from water better to nourish our body.

2. Avoid gulping your water in a go.

Whenever we drink water, we should drink it in small sips rather than gulping down huge volumes in one go. This is to prevent the dilution of our gastric juices and blood. Also when we gulp a lot of water at once, air gets blocked from going in our lungs that can lead to lung issues. So always remember and make sure to use a glass to drink water slowly and easily rather than drinking water from a bottle.

3. Do not forget to drink water after waking up in the morning.

When we wake up, we should always drink 1-2 glasses of water as drinking water on an empty stomach on the mornings can do wonders for our body. Do you know that drinking two lukewarm glasses of water first thing in the morning is actually a Japanese ritual from ancient times that is considered good for our health and skin. Drinking water first thing in the morning helps to rehydrate our body and flush out toxins that have accumulated overnight to purify our body.

4. Drink warm or room temperature water only.

Always drink water or room temperature water and avoid drinking cold water. Drinking chilled water can cause a number of health issues in the long run. Cold water can disturb our digestive process and decrease blood supply to different organs of the body leading to constipation. On the other hand, drinking room temperature water helps in cleaning our digestive system that leads to proper digestion. It also enhances blood circulation in our body and metabolism that prevents bloating and helps in weight loss. Drinking warm water helps to helps to keep our arteries clean and keep our cholesterol levels in range.

5. Never drink water in between meals.

It is beneficial to have a gap of atleast 30 minutes between water and food intake. But never drink water in between meals or less than 30 minutes before or after meals. Many of us make the mistake of drinking water with our meals or ending our meals with a glass of water. But this practice leads to the dilution of the natural digestive juices that aids in digestion. This leads to poor digestion and nutrient absorption from the foods we eat. So now make it a practice to drink water only 30 minutes before or after your meals.

6. Drink water before and after a workout.

It is best to drink a glass of water before and after your workout to protect yourself from dehydration by replacing fluids that are loss through sweat during exercise. When we sweat, our body loses both water & electrolytes due to which it is important to keep ourselves before and after a workout. However, do keep in mind to avoid drinking too much during workout as that can reduce sodium concentration in our body and deplete electrolytes which can cause fatigue and energy loss. Just drink small sips during workouts.

7. Understand your body’s cues for not being hydrated and dehydration

Our body gives us cues and signals to let us know it is dehydrated and it needs water. These include dry chapped lips and through the color of our urine. A dark yellow color urine suggests that our body is dehydrated and a white clear or straw colored urine suggests that our body is dehydrated.

Water is a boon for all of us but we need to drink it wisely for maximum benefits and good health. So do right and follow all tips mentioned and you will surely see a change in you.

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