Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Habits that can Enhance Your Life

Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Habits that can Enhance Your Life

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Do you want to know why is it important that we adopt healthy lifestyle habits to our life?

If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude

Colin Powell

The above-mentioned quote suggests that we hold the power to enhance and improve the quality of our lives. This can be done by changing our habits and behaviour. When we adopt good and healthy lifestyle habits in our life and limit the bad ones, it helps us to develop the right attitude every day. There are certain healthy lifestyle habits that are worth adopting in life. Some of them may keep you healthy, some may make you more productive and confident whereas others will improve the longevity of your life.

Our hectic life and everyday stresses can tire us and reduce some joys in our life. Therefore, we can form a few healthy lifestyle habits that can enhance our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. This can further make us feel good and truly fulfilled. It is like picking a point and getting there slowly and steadily by taking one step at a time.

Healthy lifestyle habits are hard to develop. We often make and break them and they are always a challenge for us. But it is important to make sacrifices in order to improve our lifestyle and better our wellbeing. Therefore, we need to develop our mindset in a way that we can achieve success easily. We must convince ourselves by focusing on the impact that healthy lifestyle habits can bring to our lives. Also, we need to be more mindful of our environment and existing habits and also need to be honest with ourselves.

In my previous blog posts, I have discussed adopting the habits of healthy eating, regular exercise, stress management and getting good quality sleep. I have also mentioned their benefits and how they can increase the quality of our life. Here, I will discuss some more key healthy lifestyle habits that we can adopt in our life. They will help us to reap the benefits of a good quality of life.

Healthy lifestyle habits that can enhance your lives

1. Waking up early in the mornings

Do you know that many of the world’s most successful people wake up early in the mornings? It is a life-changing habit and is surely one of the best changes that we can make in our lives. This can help us a lot in the long run. 

When we start waking up early, we will realize that we have plentiful time to do our morning chores. This includes preparing a healthy breakfast and getting ready for work. This will eliminate our need to rush and reduce the stress it brings, making us more optimistic. Further, with more time in the mornings, we can cultivate few healthy morning habits in our daily routine such as yoga, meditation, walking and exercising. Usually, on weekdays, it becomes difficult for us to push ourselves for these things after we come back from a long day at work. So, when we wake up early and complete doing them in the morning itself, we can be more relaxed in the evenings. 

The positive benefits of working out in the morning or eating a healthy breakfast will improve our energy levels and moods. This will help you to make our day more productive. It will also save you lots of money if you generally have the tendency to grab breakfast on the way to your work or you buy and eat breakfast at your workplace.

In the beginning, you may find it difficult to wake up earlier than what you wake up now. Or it may be that you just snooze your alarm clock and go back to sleep again. However, once you get the hang of it you yourself will see the difference that it makes in your life. This will increase your motivation to wake up early. You will get more time to work out, never feel rushed, and you will be in better moods and more prepared to handle things easily. In addition, you can also find time to accomplish something for which you may not be getting time for such as reading, learning something new or for doing the various home tasks.

2. Cooking our own meals

Life is busy and due to our busy lifestyles and hectic schedules, we tend to embrace whatever is easy and convenient for us. That is why we generally opt to eat outside or order outside food at home as it is convenient and saves time. However, eating outside food regularly can significantly impact your health. Hence, cooking our own meals is one of the first steps to a healthy lifestyle, mind, and body. The time that is taken to go to a restaurant, order food and get served or by the time your order that you placed for home delivery comes to you, you can cook simple and delicious meals at home. Simple meals are easy to cook and do not require much of your time. In addition, they are healthy and provide greater nourishment.

Many years ago, humans ate locally grown, real whole foods. There were no packaged, preserved or frozen foods available. But, now times have changed and what we get outside is processed and junk foods. They can contribute to a number of health problems. Therefore, by cooking our own meals, we can always ensure that we eat fresh and healthy. Studies indicate that people who eat outside consume more calories every day than those who cook at home. Also, when we eat the home-cooked meals, we eliminate our exposure to preservatives. This improves our health strongly in the long run. You also begin to understand and become aware of what goes into your food which helps you to develop a healthy eating plan.

It is crucial to start cooking your meals by yourself so as to take control of your body and health. Cooking your own meals at home does not mean that you can never eat outside. You can do so but try to see that you do so sometimes only. Further, one important thing that we need to consider is to make ourselves more aware of the foods that we put in our bodies and how they make us feel. This will help us to switch from unhealthy food options to healthy ones and make better food choices. Such a habit may take time to develop but will significantly enhance our health in the long run.

3. Getting enough amount of sleep

Sleep plays a very important role in our health and wellbeing. Getting enough sleep of good quality has a number of benefits. It is important to get the basic amount of sleep every night so that our body can carry out its basic vital functions. This is because it is during this time that they get the chance to unwind and recharge. When our body does not get the required amount of sleep, it strongly affects our health, energy levels, mood, mental wellbeing, creativity and awareness levels.

The human body requires at least 7-8 hours of sleep. However, the amount of sleep may vary from person to person depending on their age. Babies and school-going children require at least 10 hours of sleep whereas adults require 7-8 hours of sleep.

In addition to getting the right amount of sleep, it is important that we follow a consistent and healthy schedule for sleep. We should always try to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. Also, it is best to avoid napping during the day and prefer getting more sleep at night. This is because it provides more benefits than daytime sleep. However, if required we should take a daytime nap of not more than 30 minutes. It is very important that we make our sleep a top priority which will enhance our lives in a number of ways.

4. Always keep smiling

I was smiling yesterday. I am smiling today and I will smile tomorrow. Simply because life is too short to cry for anything

Santosh Kalwar

Smile is a solution to all our problems. It is important that we always manage to smile despite all the problems and challenges that we face in our lives. No matter what, we should never forget to smile. This is because it brings about a lot of positivity and confidence in us. This helps us to tide through the difficult times in our life with ease. And I am talking about a genuine smile here and not a fake smile. 

A smile, in general, is our mind’s reaction to something amusing or something joyful. But when we smile even when things are not funny or joyful, it will give rise to a similar feeling in us of peace, happiness, and joy. In addition, it will strongly enhance our personality. Just think about how people will appreciate you as a person when you always meet them with a beautiful and genuine smile rather than a blank face or a forced smile. It will make you more charismatic and appealing. So the question is how should we develop this habit to always keep smiling?

This requires a little bit of practice which will slowly become a habit and will come naturally. You can begin by smiling at all the people you encounter daily. Next, you should try to adopt a positive outlook in life that will make smiling easier. This can be achievable through meditation, exercising, expressing gratitude, etc. After some time, smiling will eventually become a part of your personality and you will see a lot of good things happening in your life.

5. Expressing gratitude

Gratitude means gratefulness or appreciation for whatever we receive in our life. It is important to express gratitude daily. This helps us to acknowledge the goodness in our lives and appreciate what we have instead of focusing on what we lack. The benefits of expressing gratitude are endless. Its regular practice will result in more happiness, better mental health, more strengths to deal with adverse situations and the development of strong bonds and relationships. 

Gratitude need not only be for big events in life such as promotions, buying big materialistic things in life like house, car, etc. It could also be for a delicious meal, the presence of good family and friends, doing something new, etc. 

In life, it is very easy to get caught up in negative thoughts. When this happens, you generally tend to forget about all the good people and things in your life. That is why gratitude is important as it helps change your perspective towards life. You begin to understand that you may not have a few things in life but there are still lots that you can be grateful for. This helps you to live and experience a more fulfilling life. 

6. Standing and moving more

A sedentary lifestyle affects our health in many ways which we may not have realized.  This includes excessive sitting. We, humans, spend a lot of time sitting whether it is on the couch to watch television, at our office desk or in the car. This is not very good for our health. Even by going to the gym or doing some form of exercise daily, we cannot balance the amount of time that we spend sitting. If not taken care of, our chances of developing chronic diseases increases. 

What we can do is that we can try to simply stand and move more whenever we get the opportunity in our daily routine. When at work, you can try taking 5-minute breaks every 30 minutes to 1 hour whenever possible. During this time you can move around your office room, engage in some activity, walk a few flights of stairs or do basic exercises like wall sits, tree pose, chair pose and stretching. Also, when watching television you can try squeezing some exercise in between. This can include push-ups, jumping jacks or brisk walking at one spot. You can also opt for the stairs over the elevator whenever possible. The key is to try to sit and stand alternatively whenever possible throughout the day. Also, it is to incorporate walking and small exercises in between our busy schedules.

7. Spending quality time with your loved ones

Spending quality time with our family and friends is very crucial for our happiness. Many studies have also proven this fact that when we spend time with our loved ones, it is the biggest investment that we make that can enhance our lives. It helps to provide us with a feeling of security and support and helps to increase our confidence levels. Our self-esteem is boosted when we spend time with people we love, and who appreciate and support us no matter what. Hence, it is important that we are fully present with them. This can significantly enhance our life and bring more happiness. 

In today’s modern life we all are so caught up with our daily routine and work obligations that we do not get much time to spend with our loved ones. However, we should always try to take out time for them. It is difficult to survive on our own and we need to bond with others for both our physical and mental health. Spending time with them and sharing our problems with them can help us to cope with stress, improve mental health and provide inner peace.

8. Disconnect from technology from time to time

Technology has so many benefits and responsible uses these days. It has become so hard to imagine our life without it. Also, somewhere we are getting addicted to it and developing an unhealthy attachment to it. However, it is important that we use it in moderation and adopt a minimalistic approach to using it. Constantly being plugged into technology can be quite draining. This is because when we spend hours facing our mobile screen for e-mail or messages or for browsing social media, both our physical and mental health gets affected. Further, it develops feelings of jealousy and loneliness due to the constant viewing of our social media streams that are filled with vacation destinations where our friends are going to the food that they are enjoying. Therefore, learning to disconnect from technology from time to time is important with many benefits.

It is hard to put this advice into practice. But we can do so by choosing a particular period of the day to disconnect. This we should try to follow every day. Turning off technology and with it disconnecting from social media will help us to enjoy the present moment and appreciate and express gratitude for the life we have. Also, it would help us to re-energize ourselves mentally which can enhance our creative thinking. Further, we can connect more with others and start to understand the worth of real-life social interactions. 

9. Leaving work at the office or your workplace

It is important to have a good work-life balance if we desire to live a long, happy and successful file. This means that it is important that along with taking time out for our work, we focus on our social and family life equally. In today’s time, people can work easily and smartly by using different technologies. This does not require them to stay longer at work or bring their work home. And yet they can easily meet their deadlines and have good productivity. So, it is best to leave work at the office itself.

When we carry our office work or tensions at home with us, we are never able to be fully present and able to connect with our loved ones. Also, we are not able to relax when we constantly keep thinking about our work even when we are at home. Adopting this practice in our life can be somewhat difficult. However, it is under our control as to how we can make our life simple in order to be always happy. If we adopt this habit, our body would get the amount of rest it needs. This will give us more time for ourselves and to spend with our family and friends. This would contribute to a more fulfilling life and better physical and mental health.

10. Investing in self-care

Due to our busy lives, we often tend to give a low priority to self-care. We hesitate to take care of ourselves and postpone our spa, haircare or facial sessions until there is a special occasion. In addition, we don’t buy something for ourselves or give ourselves the time we deserve which is truly for ourselves due to our hectic schedules. However, for the optimal functioning of our body and mind, it is very important that we invest in self-care and take out time for ourselves. This is essential for reducing stress and helps to build our self-confidence. It is also important for our productivity, physical and mental health. 

Self-care can vary from person to person. For this, it is important that we focus on things we enjoy doing or that which brings us mental peace. This would give us an opportunity to rejuvenate and bring out an energy that will maintain a balance between all aspects of our life. Self-care is basically like an investment that we do on ourselves. This will pay us in terms of good health and wellbeing in the long run. 


A healthy lifestyle and good wellbeing can be ours if we adopt a few good habits in our life. Such habits may seem small but can have strong positive effects on our physical and mental health. Further, they can enhance our personality and bring out the best in us. We just need to start taking small steps gradually and be consistent in order to adapt them to our routine. Once we do so, we are sure to see positive changes in all aspects of life. This includes our physical and mental health, our personality and relationships. 

A healthy lifestyle and good wellbeing can be ours if we adopt a few good habits in our life. Such habits may seem small but can have strong positive effects on our physical and mental health. Further, they can enhance our personality and bring out the best in us. We just need to start taking small steps gradually and be consistent in order to adapt them to our routine. Once we do that we are sure to see positive changes in our physical and mental health, our personality and relationships.

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