10 Best Ways to Get Rid of Digestive Problems and Improve Your Digestion Naturally

10 Best Ways to Get Rid of Digestive Problems and Improve Your Digestion Naturally

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We all experience or have experienced digestive problems many times in our life. These include an upset stomach, gas and bloating, heartburn, acidity, diarrhea and constipation . These problems can cause a lot of discomfort and many disruptions in our life. Some of us experience or go through these problems more than others and would really like to get rid of them. So, do not worry whether you experience them in less or high frequency. This blog will help you to get rid of all your digestive problems and improve and your digestion naturally. This will help you to be at greater ease and comfort.


Digestive problems such as constipation, diarrhea, acidity, gas and bloating are very common among all of us. What many of us may not know is that these digestive problems can be treated naturally by adopting certain lifestyle habits. This is because most of these digestive problems are either due to unhealthy lifestyle, stress or the foods we eat. There are many medications that are available for the short term relief from these digestive problems. But, it is best to avoid their use as much as we can. Instead, we should adopt natural ways to solve our digestive problems. However, if you experience serious digestive illness, then it is best to consult and see a doctor right away.

Before we understand about digestive problems and their natural treatment, it is important to understand our body’s digestive process in brief. So, it starts with us eating food which is chewed by our mouth. The chewed food along with our saliva is referred to as bolus. This is swallowed from where it moves to our stomach through the esophagus. In the stomach, the food is mixed with different digestive issues to form a liquid called chyme. The chyme moves to the small intestine. In the small intestine, the food is mixed with digestive juices secreted by our liver, pancreas and intestine. The digested nutrients are absorbed in our bloodstream and the waste products move to the large intestine which converts it into stool that is released from our body.

10 best ways to get rid of digestive problems and improve digestion naturally

1. Chew your foods properly

The first step in the digestive process is chewing of foods in our mouth. It is very important that we chew our foods properly before swallowing them to enhance our digestive process. This is because the more properly we chew our food, the better it will be broken down to smaller particles that can more easily move through the esophagus. Also, the more properly we chew our food, saliva will be released from our mouth. This will begin the digestion of foods before they reach our stomach and it will give time to our stomach to prepare all digestive juices for digestion.

Chewing of foods is a step that is overlooked by many of us but should not be taken lightly. So, for that it is important we take small bites over large bites and we eat slowly and chew our food till it dissolves. This way we will also be able to enjoy the taste of our food better and our body would be able to absorb more nutrients from the foods we eat.

2. Eat in a stress free environment

Stress or anxiety in any form can disrupt the proper functioning of our digestive system. Many of us may have noticed that we experience an upset stomach or indigestion before a big event, interview or exam. This is due to stress which impacts the connection between our brain and gut. Our brain plays an important role in activating different digestive juices and enzymes. Hence, it is important that it stays relaxed. Therefore, you should aim to reduce stress by making lifestyle changes and adopting yoga, meditation and listening to soft music. Ensure that you never rush your meals and relax for sometime and take deep breaths before you eat your meal. This otherwise can lead to many digestive problems.

3. Mindful eating

The way we eat strongly impacts the working of our digestive system. If we are doing our work or are involved in some other activity such as watching TV or reading books and newspapers when we are eating, we are not able to properly notice what is going inside our stomach. This can strongly impact us by causing gas, bloating and indigestion. This is because our brain is then diverted to some other task rather than being involved in the process of digestion. So, start by concentrating properly on every meal you eat. Appreciate and pay attention to the smell, tastes and textures of the foods that you eat. Also, get rid of your work, gadgets, TV etc when eating. If you do not appreciate your food, then your body will also not leading to poor digestion.

These days we all focus on eating healthy but if we do not pay attention to the our foods while eating, our body will not be able to digest those healthy foods and absorb nutrients from them. So, in the end we will still remain unhealthy and will not benefit in any way.

4. Eat your meals on time

Irregular eating habits can affect our gut and digestive process badly. So, it is very important that we maintain and follow a proper schedule for eating our meals. Also, instead of eating 2-3 heavy meals, it is important that we have many smaller meals at regular intervals and we control our portion size. Lastly, we should avoid any late night eatings as our body’s metabolism is slow at that time and eating at that time can lead to strong indigestion.

5. Listen to your body

It is very important that we pay attention to and listen to our body and understand as to when we feel hungry and when we feel full. We should eat only when we are hungry otherwise we may overeat leading to bloating, acidity, gas and indigestion. Also, many of us also tend to overeat when we are anxious or emotional which is referred to as emotional eating. That habit really needs to be given up to improve our digestive problems.

Another thing is that we should also listen to our body’s signals to relax and breathe for a few minutes after any meal rather than rushing anywhere. We should also take gentle walks after a meal so that our body can better digest and absorb foods by enhancing blood circulation in the stomach.

6. Stay active

Staying active and being involved in regular exercise can also help us to get rid of our digestive problems. Regular exercising is also good for our digestive system as it can help the foods in our body to efficiently move through the digestive system. Also, studies indicate that they can help in reducing constipation, inflammation and bloating.

7. Staying hydrated

Water is a very vital and essential thing for our body and for efficient digestion. It helps in preventing constipation and other digestive problems and for absorbing nutrients. So drink enough water around 3-4 liters daily. Also, we should avoid drinking water with our meals as it can dilute our stomach acids which are very important for efficient digestion.

To increase fluid intake, along with water you can also include fresh juices, coconut water, different fruits and vegetables to your diet especially cucumber, melons, grapes etc as they are high in water content.

8. Boost acids in your stomach

For foods to move from the stomach to the small intestine, it is important that it is in the liquid form. For this, proper chewing is important as already mentioned. The next important thing is stomach acids. If our stomach has low levels of stomach acids, our stomach will need more time to breakdown the foods. Because of this, the foods will remain in the stomach for a longer time. There they will start to ferment that will lead to bloating and gas. Overtime, it will lead to heartburn and acidity as some acids from the stomach may enter into the esophagus.

So, the best way to boost stomach acids naturally for efficient digestion and absorption of nutrients is chewing the foods properly. The second thing is to drink lemon water by squeezing fresh lemon to your water in between your meals.

9. Include more of fibre and probiotics to your diet

Both fibre and probiotics that are live microorganisms are very important for efficient digestion in our body and to get rid of digestive problems. Fibers are present in legumes, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. They help to regulate bowel movement and prevent diarrhea. On the other hand, probiotics are found in yoghurts which support and stimulate our gut health. This can help to say goodbye to all our digestive problems.

10. Eating foods with our hands

According to Ayurveda, we should eat our foods with our hands for efficient digestion and to get maximum health benefits from our food. This practice or Indian tradition has been forgotten and is adopted by lesser people these days. We all generally tend to eat our foods with forks and spoons. However, it is believed that when the nerve endings in our fingertips touches the food, signals are sent to our brain to secrete digestive juices in our gut. This allows for better digestion and it also allows us to relish our foods more and engage better with its taste and texture. However, it is important that we properly wash our hands with soap and water before we eat our meals.

We all have experienced digestive problems of which some may be severe and difficult to prevent. However, the others can be rid of and our digestion can be improved naturally by adopting few simple habits in our life as mentioned and making simple adjustments in what we eat, how we eat and when we eat.

We all have experienced digestive problems of which some may be severe and difficult to prevent. However, the others can be rid of and our digestion can be improved naturally by adopting few simple habits in our life and making simple adjustments in what we eat, how we eat and when we eat.

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